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Rent from us! We’ve got the perfect Jockey Box for your camping, tailgating, party or picnic needs. These all-in-one setups allow for cold flow of beer or soda, anywhere! No need to look elsewhere for the gas, either.  We can provide the whole setup with box rentals containing one to three taps.

How does it work?  A very long stainless steel coil is attached to each tap, and a cold ice water bath cools your beverages.  Since the coil is long, it’s cooled over a longer contact time, preventing temperature fluctuations.  It’s simple- but so efficient!

Make our soda a part of your next work picnic, school dance, wedding, etc.   Our Jockey Box setups are perfect for indoor and outdoor gatherings alike.  They are portable and customizable.  Our all in one equipment rentals include: a cooler with cooling coils and 1-3 tap handles, hose lines, CO2 tank, and your choice of 1-3 corny soda kegs in desired flavor(s).